Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Being Resourceful is a blessing

Most of you know how resourceful I can be. Well, I am at it again. The boys brought home their school picture packets for us to choose from and pay for. Since I am not working I am trying to not spend any unnecessary money. I remembered that in California, Life Touch Photography, gave free picture packets to the parent volunteers that assisted on picture day. I called the school secretary and inquired. She had never heard of this before. I asked her if she would call and ask. She said yes. She called me back in less than 30 minutes and told me that I was right. I said I would be there when needed and would stay as long as needed. She told me what to wrote on the comments section of the packets and just like that, by asking a simple question, I just saved my family $96.00. I am so happy!


April said...

Hey! Not bad! I'll have to keep that in mind.

Marsamifw said...

Glad you are so resourceful. I like having a smart daughter. You should let Nat know that secret! Good for you!!! Make sure I get a copy please. Love and Hugs, MoM