Monday, October 6, 2008

Cali DMV

First let me say that I am writing this post while still frustrated with the DMV. So I tried to change the address for the car 3 times when we moved here. It never got updated and last week I received a garnishment notice from the FTB. I filled out the forms and returned them so they can clear the account. In the mean time I got a delinquent notice for Marks Bike. We also already have tried to change the address for this. So I called the DMV to see what is going on. The guy tells me that he cant help me since the account was sent to the FTB. And he said that he cant help with the bike since it is not registered. AAAAHHHH!!!!!!

I call the FTB and somehow get rerouted to the DMV. I told the lady the problem. She cleared the account with the DMV and said she was sending a fax to the FTB to close my account. Then I told her that we tried to change the address for the bike. So she cleared that too. even bigger . WHY COULDN'T THAT FIRST GUY HELP ME LIKE SHE DID??
I waited on hold for 20 minutes to talk to her and it was well worth it. Needless to say I can do without EVER having to deal with the DMV again. Now I am on my way to the TEXAS DMV to get my DL. Should be in and out in less than 20 minutes. Cant say that about Cali. This drama is reason enough for us to not ever move back to Cali. I think that my Mom was one of the very few smart ones that worked at the DMV. Now let me pray for the P word!! Patience, before by babies come home.

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Jen said...

Wow- such drama! I got your text last night right as I was getting home from church. I miss you a lot- I am ok- just sick. Pray for that, and for determination. I have so many tasks right now its overwhelming. A DMV incident like yours could drive me crazy :)