Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mind Changing

For so long I had my mind set with a few thoughts concerning older people. Today most of those changed. I spent 1 1/2 hrs this morning tracing and cutting out pink ribbons for a craft for Friday. Then at 2:30 I went back and helped do candy apples with the residents. I spent time with a lady that has both legs amputated, one arm is not usable and she can baring see. BUT she can talk up a storm and that is what she did. Another lady was blind but had so much joy in eating the treat, even asking me if I could put another coat of caramel on her apple. Another lady, very old, maybe in her late 80s, held and kissed my hand about 5 times while she ate her apple.It was pretty amazing. Tomorrow I will go back at 10am and paint nails for the female residents. I have no idea how many come out for this but I am sure it will give me tons of opportunity to talk and build relationships. My only fear, and I know it will come to pass, is looking for someone and they have gone to be with Jesus. Lets hope this does not happen for quite some time so I can learn how to prepare and deal with it. Even though I am a sinner and not worthy of His mercy, God is still working on me, molding me to serve others and Him.

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Jen said...

God bless you Angie :) You probably made those ladies' day! By the way, do you know who took your place as coordinator? Guess :)

Love you!