Friday, October 24, 2008

Texas High 22 Mavericks 2

That's right!! Texas High won another home game. It was nice and COLD during this one. We drank 5 cups of hot chocolate, nachos, and candy. It was fun. This time we bought tickets to sit up in the stands and it was very nice to be able to watch the half time show and hear all the music from the bands.

Today I helped a family from church unload a semi with all their stuff. After that I came home and stapled packets together for a teacher from school. About an hour later, the school called me to see if I would come help with the Fall Festival. When I got there I put together 15 raffle baskets and wrapped them. Then we set up all the games and the cake walk and snack bar. Pretty fun but lots of work. I wish we would have done something like this in Cali. I will have more pics tomorrow. Oh and I got to go to lunch with the ladies who run the VIPs program (same as PTA) and made some new friends.
The boys are snuggled on the couch under a big quilt and I am calling it a day and going to bed!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks like fun. I like hearing the band play also. My favorite time of a football game is half time! Hahaha

Jen said...

I miss southern football games and cake walks!