Friday, October 10, 2008

Final Score 59-25 Texas High!!

That's right!! Texas High whooped on the Sulphur Springs team. It was a beautiful stadium and was packed with fans. Our seats were in the "In Zone." The worst part of the field in my opinion, but hey, they were free. Next time we are going to get regular seats so we can enjoy the half time show. Great night, great fun, and great family time!

We rode the shuttle bus from the high school to the football stadium. It is about 6 miles away.
Pregame show. I loved listening to the bank play. Next time I want to sit right next to them.
Look at the fans wearing their Texas Tiger Orange! We need to get orange shirts for the next game.
Look at the happy family! Except Mark for some reason refused to smile. Kinda frustrated me.


Jen said...

He is trying to look sexy! Mark- you gotta smile!

I love football games in the south..I miss them!

Melissa said...

Im guessing you were referring to the "End Zone" by the looks of the picks. Nice stadium! I want to come with you sometime :) An also visit Shreveport!