Monday, October 13, 2008

Busy Morning

This morning we slept in till 9 o'clock. I went to my appointment at the nursing home at 10 and it was fast and easy. Tomorrow will be my first day volunteering! I cant wait. I will be doing all kinds of stuff. I am going on Wednesday and I will be painting the ladies' nails! How fun is that? I am so excited. When I got back home we dropped the boys off at Minton's and Mark and I went for a drive. We wanted to look at houses. Every week we try and get out and just drive around town and see where we live. Today we were looking at houses our friends and found SO many awesome houses for such reasonable prices. The bad/good news is that now we are considering a new house. I like my $600 payment but wow can we get so much for our money here. We will be praying about this. tonight we are going to the boys' first boy scout meetings. Our church family friend sewed all the patches on the shirts for me, that was a blessing and it saved me about $45! I just need to get the pants hemmed now. By 9 we will all be pooped and ready for bed!
Sorry no pics, my camera is on "locked" status and I cant figure out how to clear it. Hopefully soon.

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Marsamifw said...

I am excited for your new volunteering ambitions. Something you may want to try is reading. Some seniors or handicapped have trouble with seeing and love to have a book read to them. Try it out sometime. Also, it helps recovering stroke victims as well. Calling Bingo is way fun if you have the right attitude. Have fun with it. Older people are so easy to satisfy as long as you take the time to ask them what they would like! Happy for you Sweetie and you will be someone's "Angel" I am sure!!! I love you! Give the boys and Mark a hug...and one for you as well.