Saturday, August 16, 2008

Curio, Dinner and Petsmart

Its Friday night, long week, Mark got a job today.Yea!! He also got the curio cabinet fixed today. It was the last piece of damaged property from the move. When he put it up in the truck and tried pushing it back he did so with his knee right through the bottom glass. He didn't get hurt physically but he did emotionally because Ozell gave that to us. We also had one of the glass shelves brake. Today to he got the glass cut and put it all back together and it sure does look good in the living room. Now I get to put more pictures in it. Everything else that was damaged in the move we have been able to repair, except for a big family room TV. We don't know what happened to it. To the eye, it is perfect. But it wont come on. We are going to take it to the shop to see if it can be revitalized. :-)

So to celebrate all the good things of this week, we decided to go to dinner. We got a coupon for CiCi's Pizza Buffet from the glass place and it is right around the corner from home. Food was great and it is a family friendly kinda place. With the coupon, it costs $15 for the 4 of us.

After dinner the boys wanted to walk through PetsMart. I thought, free entertainment? Absolutely!! What do you do when you go to PetsMart? You use the animal toys as weights and do some exercise.

We went up and down every isle in the store. It was fun and free.
We all had a fun evening and were very tired, including Chloe who keeps jumping the fence in the back yard to roam the neighborhood when we are not home. It is a good thing she is getting "fixed" on Monday. She is zonked out on Bella's bed.

Isn't she just so cute??


Marsamifw said...

Looks like you all had a fun evening! Good for you Mark that you can do repairs!! I just got home from Shane's house this morning. What a big amd beautiful place. 5600 sq ft of house! Very hot though...104 degrees. Oh well. They have great air-conditioning.. Love you all. Tell Markus I received his card and will send it on to Dawn.

Marsamifw said...

Forgot to say CONGRATS Mark on getting a new job. So what will you be doing????