Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Opportunity on the horizon!!

Today Mark came out to my job and had an interview with the head of our Body Shop department. My boss happens to be friends with this gentleman and she called in a favor. Bottom line, the interview went really well, over two hours!! They told him they would talk to Tony (owner) about bringing him on. Tony will be back either tomorrow or Friday, so please say a few prayers for us, that if this is the job God has us waiting for, we will know it! Mark is supper excited and hopes this is the job. Next week Mark leaves for the Men's Retreat on Thursday. They are going to the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. It is arranged by Calvary Chapel. That is going to be a great time of fellowship and spiritual learning for him! I cant wait to see how God works in him while he is there.

Today I was able to clean and organize my office a little more. One if the managers stopped by and commented on how much I have done since starting there. So that was nice to know that others are paying attention to the hard work I have been doing. Everything else is good. Kids are doing great! They start school in 11 days! Yea.....

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Marsamifw said...

CONGRATS Mark!!! Have fun on your retreat in AR. Ang what will you be doing while the man of the house is gone???? Love you Sweetie, give the boys a hug from their Nana!