Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lazy Days

Rain rain come and stay, please don't ever go away!
Today was one of those days where you just lay around and don't do much of anything. Church was great! Talked with friends, then came home and stretched out on the bed for a nap. It didn't help that it rained for a good three hours. Nice and steady, relaxing, calming, rain. I am so glad that we did all the yard work yesterday so the rain could soak in and give our well pump a few days off. When it was dinner time Mark and I looked at each other and asked who was cooking. Of course neither one of us wanted to. We ended up going to Golden Corral.
For desert Zachery and I had some strawberries with sugar and whipped cream. It reminded me of the lunches at Sizzlers with Marian, Sara, and Sakuna from work. Marian and I always enjoyed sharing a plate full of strawberries and toppings! I was reminded of this tonight. I miss you ladies!

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