Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of school....

....Didn't start off so well. Well kinda. The alarm went off at 6am. Boys were dressed, shoes on, and teeth brushed by 6:10am. Then we got their back packs and school supplies ready. Next we watched cartoons for 10 minutes. By this time is was 6:35, we went out to wait for the school bus.

It is really cool because the bus stops right in front of our house. Talk about service!

Finally! The bus arrives and the kids get on.............
Then they turned around, and got right back off, it was the wrong bus. Can you believe that the houses right across the street from us are a different school district? They are! And this bus was for them, not us. So we waited some more. At about 7 I decided that we could wait in the house as I still needed to get ready for work and needed to meet my carpool partner at 7:30. I jumped in the shower, got ready and we were out of the house by 7:25! Our bus never showed up :-(
I dropped them off at school in time for them to eat breakfast. Had I known how the morning would go, they could have eaten at home! Oh well.

The boys said they had a great day and they like their teachers and have each made at least one friend.

Also, we received the notice that we qualify for FREE breakfast & lunches. There I go again, saving money! I think I have issues with this. It only worked because I filled out the paperwork before Mark had a job, but we will take the help where ever we can get it!