Saturday, August 30, 2008

We are ready.... We Hope

We are ready to host our guests as they flee hurricane Gustov. They left Lake Charles and Laffayette, LA about 2 hours ago and are headed north our way. Our guests are Angela, Mark's sister, her two girls, ages 3 and 1, and Angela's mom and step dad. We have not seen them in over 4 years!! We have two air mattresses set up, one for Angela and the other for the girls. We took Zachery's bunk beds down and put them together to make a king size bed for Mom and Step Dad. I went grocery shopping and filled the cupboards, frig, and freezer, so we would have enough food and drinks for the time they are here. At least 4-5 days we will be blessed to show them the love of Christ in our home. We are so excited to be able to open our doors to help others. Please keep us all in your prayers...... I will post pics tomorrow.

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