Saturday, August 2, 2008

Everyone needs a friend

Isn't that true? Everyone needs a friend! Today, it was Bella's turn. I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to our family, Cloe. Cloe is a 7 month old Lab/retriever mix. She is gold like Bella and she is the same height and weighs about the same. Last weekend Mark and I were talking and decided that since we are not home all day to play with Bella, she needed another dog to play with. This morning we told the boys we were going to surprise them today. We got lost on the way to the animal shelter but we finally got there. When the boys realized where we were, they knew the surprise. It was great. The only sad thing is there are SO many animals that need homes, you want to take them all. Now we are off to go get some dog bowls, food, and collars for the girls.


Jen said...

Oh my cute! Is it Chloe or Cloe? She is adorable! I would have come home with a bunch of animals!

Angie Funches said...

It may be Chloe. Is that how you spell it? They just told us her name, not how to spell it :-)

Jen said...

Yeah its Chloe :) traditionally...but its your baby!