Sunday, August 31, 2008

Full House

The house is full. All available floor space is now occupied. Church was great this morning, came home had breakfast, and hung out with the family. It was great. Angela and I got to relax and have girl talk for a couple of hours. Mark and the boys and Ceco did the man thing. Zachery build this master piece as part of his craft at church. He is so proud of it. I promised him I would put it on the blog for everyone to see. :-) He is creative!
This is little Laila and her Papa's hat! Isn't she so precious??? Marcus is crashed, do you see the other set of bedding? Zachery for some reason is camped out UNDER the bunk beds in the space where the trundle bunk goes..... Did he think we ran out of run for him?? I wanted to get him out of there but Mark said to leave him. Mark said he probably thought it was a fort. This is what I came home to from the planning meeting at church.....
Tomorrow is a big day of opportunity to minister to others about Jesus. I prayed about what God would have us do since we are now hosting in our home. Mark and I agreed that we could help our church's efforts as long as we could do it at home. So we are baking cookies and popping popcorn. We will take it to the hotel tomorrow night when we show the movie "Godman." Please pray that the Lord would use us in amazing ways to glorify Him!

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