Sunday, August 24, 2008

Productiveness.....Key to sucess

Look at the boys cleaning for me! You know this is my favorite thing to do and it was so hard for me to let them help. SIKE! I hate cleaning and they like making money so it is a perfect match. We even adjusted the vacuum handle length to be Zachery size for easy use! Gotta love it. :-)
Remember we let the boys grow out their hair all summer long? Look how long it is. Not anymore!! Tomorrow school starts and so we got it all cut off.
The boys begged for Mo-Hocks, and I gave in cause I'm so nice. See the smiles?

But only for a minute. Now they are back to clean cut, handsome young men. The best part is that the place was having a back to school special and the cuts only cost $5 each!! There I go again saving more money. Look how beautiful they are!! Just like their Momma and Daddy. hehehe

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that you and your family are doing great. We miss you here at Terrace. We started school the sme day your boys did. Everything here is hectic with new principal and the constuction going on. Things are turning out pretty nice though. How is the school the boys are going to? Are you going to be on the PTA? Can't wait to see more pics. Talk to you soon.