Wednesday, August 6, 2008

dog, fence, dog over fence

This is what we have found out in the last two days. Chloe knows how to jump over our fence. Lucky for us, she just comes and sits at the front door. We are hoping to encourage her to stay in the back yard with treats. Last night I took her for a long walk around the area and she really enjoyed that. I can't take Bella because she does not know how to walk, all she knows how to do is drag me. Hopefully Chloe does not teach Bella how to jump the fence.
The boys are good, Zachery is doing much better this week now that he has had his medicine for a few days. We had to take him to the clinic and pharmacy. That was not cheap since we don't have any insurance. But we had to do it! Work is still good, should know this week if they are going to buy out my contract and hire me on full time with a raise. Today was some major happenings so no time to deal with me with the owner.
Mark is still being the wonderful stay at home dad. Working around the house, and cooking dinner. Still looking for work. Keep praying.

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